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The Truth is out there.....




The Clarity of Chaos (2012)

Monophobic (2009)

Walking Through Walls (2006)

The Echoing Sounds (2003)


The progressive rock outfit Pravda hails from the Pacific Nothwest USA. Continuing on the musical ground paved by LTE, Pink Floyd, Queensryche, Rush, Spock's Beard and Dream Theater, Pravda creates a bold new progressive sound.

 The Echoing Sounds is a concept CD. It is a story of a soldier, a young girl and a priest confronting the ravishes of war personally, mentally and physically as well as the war's impact upon society.

 Walking Through Walls is harder edged with more Heavy Metal stomp and drive. The writing is complex and the instrumentation intricate. It is a Progressive / Jam / Metal / Fusion/ Rock aural feast. It is a completely instrumental CD.

 Monophobic, Pravda’s 3rd CD, was released late July 2009.  Monophobic is a complete Progressive CD.  Influences and Comparisons to: Pink Floyd, Tool, Dream Theater, Rush & ELP. Monophobic is Powerful and Poetic.

The Clarity of Chaos is the band's 4th CD. Released December 2012, just before the Mayan apocalypse.  This is the band's most daring and concise CD to date.  It even adds a new twist to the Pravda sound: Lead and harmony vocals.  A return to the ideas set forth in their 1st CD.  The Clarity of Chaos has received outstanding reviews world wide.  

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Pravda: The Echoing Sounds                Cat. No. 2465-UR235
Pravda: Walking Through Walls           Cat. No. 6267-UR23  
Pravda: Monophobic                             Cat. No. 4001-UR38  
Pravda: The Clarity of Chaos               Cat. No. 4132 UR41   


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